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Eko Telemedicine Software
Using the Eko Core as a telemedicine stethoscope.
The Eko Core is easy to setup for real time synchronous telemedicine. It provides powerful features for a seamless connection between you and your patient. The Eko Core connects to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth which can then stream the audio in real-time to a web browser.
Key Features:
  • Full quality uncompressed audio
  • End to end real-time encryption
  • Compatible with any modern web browser
  • One-to-many or One-to-one streaming
  • Smartphone powered - no computer needed on the stethoscope side.
    Key Applications:
  • Stream heart or lung sounds to a remote clinician in real time.
  • Share audio with a classroom from your stethoscope in real time.
  • Connect an at-home care team to a remote specialist.
    Setup is simple and quick: Watch how to setup the Eko Livestream.

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    About the Eko Core: The Core was crafted with a groundbreaking analog/digital toggle, calibrated audio filtering, and a re-engineered dynamic driver, providing superior audio quality, white noise reduction, and enhanced 40x amplification. The Eko digital stethoscope has the largest self contained audio driver of any stethoscope on the market - providing rich heart sounds and dynamic lung sounds.
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