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Building simple, intuitive tools to understand how our hearts are functioning.

This is Eko.

Eko is building the future of cardiovascular care through a platform of non-invasive devices and revolutionary algorithms.

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A growing community

We’re proud to connect physicians, specialists, patients, and providers with simple, powerful, intuitive tools.

Scientific Advisors

Ami Bhatt, MD
Cardiologist, Director of the Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program
Charanjit Rihal, MD
Cardiologist, Chair of the Division of Cardiovascular Diseases
Bob Harrington, MD
Cardiologist, Chair of the Department of Medicine

Industry Advisors

Michael Baum
Member, Board of Directors
Eko Devices
Founder & CEO
Vasudev Bailey
Member, Board of Directors
Eko Devices
ARTIS Ventures
Robin Strongin
President & CEO
Amplify Public Affairs
Disruptive Women in Health Care
Chris Barton
John Noonan
Former Senior Advisor to
HHS Secretary
Department of Health & Human Services
Diane Dwyer
UC Berkeley


Connor Landgraf
Co-Founder / CEO
Jason Bellet
Co-Founder / VP Sales
Tyler Crouch
Co-Founder / CTO
Philip Goolkasian
VP, Product & Design
Ritam Priya
Nicole Gaskari
Corporate Development
John Maidens
Steve Avila
Customer Success
Morgan Wildermuth
Web Development
Brian Clark

Join Eko

Join our team at our headquarters in Berkeley, CA. We offer competitive benefits and the opportunity to build meaningful products.