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Eko is building the future of cardiovascular care through a platform of non-invasive devices and revolutionary algorithms.
Scientific Advisors
Ami Bhatt, MD
Cardiologist, Massachusetts General Hospital
Director of the Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program
Charanjit Rihal, MD
Cardiologist, Mayo Clinic
Chair of the Division of Cardiovascular Diseases
Bob Harrington, MD
Cardiologist, Stanford University
Chair of the Department of Medicine
Industry Advisors
Michael Baum
Founder & CEO,
Member, Board of Directors, Eko Devices
Alex Ding
Emeritus Board Member of the AMA
Member, Board of Directors, Eko Devices
Robin Strongin
President & CEO, Amplify Public Affairs
Founder, Disruptive Women in Health Care
John Steuart
Venture Partner
Prolog Ventures
Chris Barton
John Noonan
Former Senior Advisor to HHS Secretary
Department of Health & Human Services
Diane Dwyer
UC Berkeley
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