Eko Core Receives Five Stars from MacSources

The following is an excerpt from a clinical review that first appeared in MacSources in August, 2016.
“The Eko Core stethoscope (pronounced like echo) arrived in sky blue packaging, which is elegant in its simplicity. Opening up the box, you will see a white cardboard cutout showcasing the black Eko Core. The cardboard details the functions of the core with the analog/digital switch, the volume adjustment buttons, the LED indicator and the Micro USB charging port. Additionally, you are directed to download the Eko App from the IOS App Store and the Google Play Store. The stethoscope has 1 1/2″ of tubing from the diaphragms. There is an included adult and a screw on pediatric diaphragm and a screw on bell. The Eko core measures 3 1/4″ and you have 16″ of tubing before the tubing splits. The distance from the ear tips to the split is 9″. The entire length is 32″ long and weighs 9.4 ounces.
The Eko core really is what makes the device amazing. One of the concerns that I had with a digital scope was the power supply issue. What if you have a busy clinic day and you forget to charge your device? In this instance, the unique Eko core will allow you to use either analog or digital. Using a convenient toggle, labelled “on” and “off”, you can switch between analog and digital modes. This switch occurs very quickly and is very noticeable. You can increase or decrease the sound level by using the sound up/down buttons. The device has a dynamic sound driver which provides quality audio to each of the ear pieces and can provide up to 40x amplification.

With white noise reduction, background noises are reduced and not just amplified like hearing aids. Having tested other stethoscopes, this device is clearly a winner in overall sound quality. According to the website, it is the “largest self contained audio driver of any stethoscope on the market.” The best part about this technology is that it really can be quite universal. You can buy just the core for $199 and attach it to your precious cardiology grade scope (cardiology III/WelchAllyn Elite) or you can opt to purchase the entire package for $299. I love that the inline tubing provides clear, unchanged, unaltered, natural heart and lung sounds. The head of the scope is a normal stethoscope diaphragm/bell and will work completely without power. This is different than other digital devices that have digital style heads. This feature makes the Eko stethoscope so much more versatile.”

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