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the digital stethoscope, reimagined.

40x amplification and wireless connection to the Eko smartphone app.

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Powering stethoscopes at some of the world's premier institutions.
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The Eko Core provides seamless analog and amplified digital sound, and wirelessly transmits the stethoscope sounds via Bluetooth to a smartphone or tablet.

— Compare the Eko Core to the Littmann 3200
· Analog and digital modes.
· 40X audio amplification in digital mode.
· Works with heart, lung, and body sounds.
· Rechargeable battery with 8 hours of use per charge.
· 7 amplification levels.
· Smartphone Capable.
Purchase Eko Core Electronic Stethoscope
The Eko smartphone app allows you to powerfully control and capture data from your Eko Core digital stethoscope in real time. Compatible with iPhone 4S and above, and iPad 3rd gen and above.

· Visualize stethoscope audio waveforms in real time.
· Record and playback body sounds.
· Set body positions with each recording.
· Search through past stethoscope recordings.
· Secure, HIPAA compliant recording storage.
· 1-click EHR integration.
· Share recordings with colleagues quickly.
— Available on the Apple App Store
Eko Core Digital Stethoscope Dashboard
Every Eko user gets free access to the Eko dashboard. A secure location to store and review all Eko digital stethoscope recordings. The dashboard is accessible anytime anywhere and allows for efficient care coordination and communication.

· Access heart and lung sounds anywhere in the world.
· Live-stream sounds for real-time telemedicine. (coming soon)
· Share recordings with other clinicians.
· Included heart sound examples.
· Make notes for each stethoscope recording.
· Available on all modern web browsers.
Stanford Medicine Eko Core Electronic Stethoscope
Eko for Care Teams
Bring everyone together with advanced sharing features and a fully-customized institution dashboard and database. Build a library of heart and lung sounds for care coordination, education, and research.

— Learn More About Eko Enterprise
· Eko Core digital stethoscopes for each user.
· Shared patient and recording library.
· An unlimited number of collaborators.
· Insitutional EHR integration.
· Additional security controls.
· Custom branding and user interface.
· Flexibile pricing plans.
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